Kevin Todd

Job Title: Tax Manager
Company: Microsoft Corporation
Industry: Technology
Mentor Since: 2016


Job Description

I have specific oversight for 100+ Retail Brick & Mortar stores in US, Canada, & Puerto Rico as well as for the US. I work on implementation projects for tax engines, ERP’s, and Exemption Certificate Management tools. I advise various business groups on tax requirements, support audits, and have previously done various compliance work.

Company Description

Software, Hardware, Retail, Cloud Computing

Employment History

PwC - 3years, Blue Nile Inc. - 2.5 years, Microsoft - 3.5 years


Bachelors Degree in Economics

Mentoring Objectives & Scope

Students can expect to receive guidance on career path and insight on various Tax and accounting jobs. My expectations are that the students have a desire to go into Tax, Audit, or general accounting and come prepared with questions.


When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

Downtown Seattle in the evenings

Additional Information

CPA in California