Accounting Mentor List

Katherine Pace

Job Title: Accountant
Company: Aerie Advisory Group
Industry: Family Office Services - Accounting
Mentor Since: 2021


Job Description

I specifically keep the books for the family entities, foundations, trust and individuals. Currently there are 28 sets of books I am involved with reconciling and reporting on. I am also involved with the bill pay process, reviewing and approving bills being paid. A main portion of my job is being in connection with their tax accountants, gathering tax documents, keeping the books per their specifications and coordinating tax payments.

Company Description

We are a single family office for a high net worth family in the south sound. We do work for 3 generations of the family and 2 of their family foundations. We work very closely with their investment advisors and CPA. Our office is ran by the family's estate planning attorney. We manage all aspects of their lives.

Employment History

During my senior year at SU I started an internship with HUD doing mortgage underwriting. I stayed there for a little more than a year after graduation. I moved to San Diego and did corporate accounting. I stayed in the corporate accounting field for a while even after moving back to Washington. After a company decided to move their US headquarters from Tacoma to Texas I was left looking for a new job. I started with a startup Frihet Group. They did multifamily family office work. I worked there for 3ish years until they were sold to Seattle Bank. I continued doing family office work for the bank. While at Frihet Group/Seattle Bank, I worked for a lot of great clients and their advisors. One of the clients there was the current family I am working for. They decided to create their only family office. So I was able to come work with them exclusively.


Accounting Degree from Seattle University

Mentoring Objectives & Scope

I have a non-traditional path for a person graduating with an accounting degree and I would love to share that perspective. I would like to meet virtually and in person. I want to gear it towards what the mentors are looking for.

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

Virtually and south sound would be preferred. But if schedule permits I could meet in Seattle.