Kevin Richards

Job Title: Senior VP, Relationship Manager
Company: Heritage Bank
Industry: Commercial Banking
Mentor Since: Fall 2019
Will Mentor: Graduate Students, Undergrad Students

Job Description

Manage a portfolio of commercial clients as well as additional business development priorities. I’m responsible for providing a full range of commercial banking services to our clients, and being a trusted advisor to those clients. I work with small to medium sized businesses throughout the Pacific Northwest with clients working in a variety of industries including technology, manufacturing, service firms and commercial real estate.

Company Description

Heritage Bank is a Commercial Community Bank based in the Pacific Northwest with offices from Bellingham, WA to Portland, OR. The Bank works with the specialized needs of small to medium sized businesses within its geographical footprint.

Employment History

16 years in commercial banking, primarily focused on commercial and industrial clients located in the Pacific Northwest.


MBA from Seattle University
Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Washington

Mentoring Objectives & Scope

To be determined by the group, but likely to include career development, networking and strategy.

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

Either near campus or on the Eastside.

Additional Information

I believe it's important to have goals both professionally but also personally. Work life balance is a really important when deciding on a profession and what you want to accomplish in your career.