J. Piscioneri

Job Title: Systems Manager, Information Management
Company: PEMCO Mutual Insurance Company
Industry: Insurance
Mentor Since: Fall 2016
Will Mentor: Graduate Students, MSBA Students

Job Description

I'm responsible for helping PEMCO effectively leverage its a information assets to increase revenues, grow our customer base, improve our operations, and control expenses. My department, Information management includes five main functional areas: Analytics Methods and Tools, Enterprise Data, Data Engineering, Operations, and Strategy / Planning.

Company Description

PEMCO is a regional company offering property and casualty insurance to individuals in Washington and Oregon.  See pemco.com for details.

Employment History

I've been building and managing data warehousing and analytics teams and services for over fifteen years. I've worked large and small companies in variety of industries. Before coming to PEMCO I plied my trade at Amazon, Intellectual Ventures, and Corbis.


City University of New York

Mentoring Objectives & Scope

I'm very experienced in the organizational change that analytics programs usually drive. The tools, technologies, and algorithms that can be studied and understood is the easy part. Helping an organization make effective use of them to achieve objectives is the bigger challenge. I know the tools and technologies, but I'm not a developer (anymore). Statistical modeling, specific techniques, and the challenges of using them is not area of expertise for me. My expectations of a mentoring relationship is that the student drives the process. You let me know what you hope to gain from the relationship. You define what kind of guidance you need. I'll provide feedback, perspectives, point you to resources, etc that can help you achieve the objectives you've expressed.

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

In Seattle at mutually convenient times and locations.