Chris Heiden

Job Title: Senior Manager, Business Analytics
Company: Zillow Group
Industry: Analytics, Tech, Banking, Consulting
Mentor Since: Fall 2017
Will Mentor: Graduate Students, Undergrad Students, MSBA Students

Job Description

My team solves unstructured problems & tells stories with data. We are the lens through which product/marketing/strategy teams at ZG can leverage our massive databases. We turn data into information & insights.

Company Description

Making buying/selling/renting/financing homes transparent.

Employment History

Consultant @ Deloitte; VP Analytics @ JPMorgan Chase; Sr. Mgr Marketing Analytics @ Amazon; Sr. Mgr Business Analytics @ Zillow Group


BS Business-Economics & Decision Sciences @ Miami University (OH) - 2009

Mentoring Objectives & Scope

Develop an actual relationship. Career tracking, where to spend technical/soft skill development time, how to think about employer size/complexity trade-offs, industry guidance.

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

Downtown Seattle (weekdays) Bainbridge Island (weekends)