Duane Naluai

Job Title: Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Consumer Products
Company: Darigold, Inc.
Industry: Consumer Products, Food and Beverage
Mentor Since: Fall 2008
Will Mentor: Graduate Students, Undergrad Students

Employment History

Duane is SVP Sales and Marketing, Consumer Products, for Darigold, Inc.  Duane possess over 32 years of sales, marketing, technology and acquisition experience.   Duane spent the first half of his career in the Beverage Industry in sales positions with Seagram's Wine and Spirits, to Bottling Operations General Management with PepsiCo, National Director of Sales Operations for the Starbucks / PepsiCo joint venture, and SVP of Sales & Marketing for the largest Miller Beer Distributor in the US.  After 16 years in Beverage Duane transitioned to Campbell's Soup, where he held field sales and headquarters assignments which included Customer VP Sales West, VP Customer Marketing, and VP of Club and Emerging Channels. Before joining Darigold, Duane worked the past four years for privately held Advantage Solutions, the largest sales and marketing agency in the US, first as Senior Vice President Sales, Diversified Channels and then Executive Vice President Sales, West.  Over his tenure at Advantage he oversaw eight different sales operating divisions and two marketing agencies.