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Matt Moran

Moran, Matt

Job Title: Director of Strategic Partnerships
Industry: Weather Intelligence & Climate Security
Mentor Since: Fall 2022
Will Mentor: Undergrad Students

Job Description

The Partnerships team supports with executing its strategies related to’s third-party distribution, business development and partnership goals across diverse sectors. These duties include establishing new partnerships (sourcing, negotiating, contracting and launching new demand Partners) and Account Management (optimizing, growing, renegotiating with existing demand Partners) in the North American (NORAM) West market. I am responsible for the ongoing success of larger, more strategic, more geographically varied (e.g. global or multi-continent) strategic partners, including the design and executing on long-term growth plans for these key partners.

Company Description

At, we want to empower everyone to experience the world. Through our products, partners and people is how we do it. There's a whole planet of possibilities out there and we bring it all together, in one place.

Employment History

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Mentoring Objectives & Scope

I can assist mentees with a career plan and help them network in their respective field.

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

I am flexible with either virtual or in-person meetings. I live in Queen Anne so a quick drive to Cap Hill is easy.