Jay Fredericks

Fredericks, Jay

Job Title: Vice President, Minerals Division
Company: QP Properties
Industry: Property Development/Mining
Mentor Since: Fall 2018
Will Mentor: Graduate Students, Bridge MBA Students

Job Description

Consultant working on strategic policy and regulatory issues in the exploration and mining sector, including environmental, permitting, community engagement and early stage project development.

Company Description

Small, boutique consulting company focused on property development and mineral industry.

Employment History

2018-present: VP, Mineral Division; QP Properties 2012-2017: Director, Energy Projects and President and CEO of Kennecott Uranium Co.; Rio Tinto plc 2011-2012: VP, Project Development; Hathor Exploration Ltd. 2008-2011: Director, Mineral Development Office; Government of British Columbia 1987-2008: Director, Mineral Policy; Government of Saskatchewan


B.Sc. (Agr) Major: Soil Science, University of British Columbia Certificate: Economics of Mineral Exploration; Queens University Certificate: Effective Executive; University of Saskatchewan Certificate: Stakeholder Engagement Academy, Rio Tinto/Georgetown University Certificate: Operational Leadership; Rio Tinto/Columbia School of Business Washington State Licensed Realtor

Mentoring Objectives & Scope

Mentoring Objective: Assist students to become prepared for entry into government or business careers. Scope: To be developed in coordination with students; may involve a combination of group and/or one-on-one sessions. Potential discussion topics: Preparing effective memos, briefing notes, white papers and technical reports. Insights into the mineral industry and markets. Perspectives on Canadian government processes and tax systems. Discussion of current environmental issues. Legislation development process. Other topics based on student needs/assessments.

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

At or near the campus with the physical location and timing established in consultation with the students to fit their schedules.

Additional Information

Experience in investment attraction in Asia (primarily China, Japan and South Korea) and Europe (England, France). Experience in government and community engagement and building support for new development initiatives. Experience in managing environmental assessment processes, both in the public and private sector. Experience leading the development of new legislation and regulations. Experience in mineral tax systems.