Karen Fluegge

Job Title: Pacific Northwest Division Sales Executive
Company: Wells Fargo Bank
Industry: Commercial Lending/Corporate Banking
Mentor Since: Fall 2017
Will Mentor: Graduate Students, Undergrad Students

Job Description

Manage a team of commercial banking business development professionals in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Alaska, Hawaii, and Western Canada who work with privately held and publicly traded clients with revenues from $20MM to $2B. We work with these corporate clients to structure and raise debt capital, manage cash flow, and automate. We also provide real estate financing, foreign exchange, trade financing, cash and treasury management, investments and risk management services. The team works with clients in a variety of industries including aerospace, technology, manufacturing, life sciences and food/bev.

Employment History

20 years in banking, primarily in commercial, corporate and technology banking in the San Francisco area 10 years in risk management consulting with Fortune 500 clients; 2 years managing a construction company, with sale to a strategic.


MBA in Finance, USC. Graduated with Honors. BA in Economics from UC Davis

Mentoring Objectives & Scope

Thoughtful advice on career aspirations, connecting to a strong network, and assisting with resumes/Linkedin. Typically meet at least once per month in person and available more frequently (ie: prior to interviews/presentations)

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

Flexible - happy to come to Seattle or meet in Bellevue corporate office or alternate. Also would like student to be open to attending business events with me that would allow me to introduce them to colleagues/business contacts.

Additional Information

Key is having a mentee that is excited to learn, grow and explore career alternatives. Have two college age kids who I mentor, one is currently a PhD at Harvard and the other is a senior in chemical engineering/economics.