Mentor List

Michael Drollinger

Job Title: Director, Business Intelligence
Company: Port of Seattle
Industry: Trade, travel, logistics, maritime, aviation
Mentor Since: Fall 2021
Will Mentor: Graduate Students

Job Description

Established a successful enterprise BI center of excellence; creative director leveraging deep subject matter expertise to maximize impact of team’s analytical and market research work; as well as evangelist for change leading efforts to both create a more analytic corporate culture, and transforming the ways the organization accesses, analyzes and communicates data.

Company Description

Founded in 1911, the Port owns and operates Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, Fishermen’s Terminal — home of the North Pacific fishing fleet — and public marinas. The Port also owns two cruise ship terminals, a grain terminal, real estate assets, and marine cargo terminals through its partnership in the Northwest Seaport Alliance. Port operations help support nearly 200,000 jobs and $7 billion in wages throughout the region. Over the next 19 years, the port’s “Century Agenda” seeks to create an additional 100,000 jobs through economic growth while becoming the nation’s leading green and energy-efficient port.