Mentor List

Griffin Deebach

Job Title: Director of Data Engineering & Analytics
Company: Voglio Marketing
Industry: Marketing
Mentor Since: Fall 2020
Will Mentor: Undergrad Students

Job Description

I run data engineering and analytics. This encompasses building, maintaining and evolving a data warehouse and data pipelines, and providing dashboards to account managers and clients with models that allow them to measure things such as customer lifetime value. My charter is to automate as much as possible and to scale my team, so while the volume and variety of data that we work with has grown a lot over the years, my team still only consist of myself, a principal data engineer and a data analyst. I spend roughly half my time on management and the other half of time writing code and maintaining our data stack.

Company Description

Voglio is a small digital marketing agency (26 employees) that I helped start about 6 years ago when it was just four people. We manage the digital marketing (Google, Facebook, Bing, Snapchat, Amazon, LinkedIn, etc.) for other companies. You gain advantage in the digital marketing space by being good with data more than you do from classical marketing. Therefore we automate many data and analytical tasks that allow us to optimize our clients' advertising budgets. Additionally, we build tools for our account management team that allow them to manage large accounts at scale and decrease opportunities for mistakes.

Employment History

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BA in Psychology, Western Washington University
MBA with focus in Business Analytics, Seattle University

Mentoring Objectives & Scope

Provide students with a real world perspective of what employers are looking for. Help students prepare for interviews. Give students a resource for help with things related to the data and analytics world.

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

Zoom until the COVID-19 crisis has ended. Coffee shops thereafter.