Chelle Chase

Chase, Chelle

Job Title: Owner
Company: Chelle Chase Consulting
Industry: Financial Services, Healthcare Administration, Taft-Hartley Trusts
Mentor Since: Fall 2012
Will Mentor: Graduate Students

Job Description

I am a strategic sales and relationship executive who understands and translates technical features to user experience and needs. Simply put, I explain technical stuff to non-technical people and people stuff to technical people. By doing this, I promote understanding and put the focus on benefits that accelerate product or process adoption and financial objectives for all parties. Whether advising senior executives, designing new products or connecting an existing product to new business partners, I am a team member who both sits at the table and brings the right people into the room. I help teams bridge product, operations, and sales requirements by finding unmet needs, asking “how can we uniquely address those needs?”. When we effectively address the client’s needs through products that matter to them, we can change the course of their lives. From Wall Street to Main Street – and especially with vulnerable populations such as single female retirees – financial concerns can be alleviated and a sense of security can be restored. Knowing and ensuring the value of a product to better someone’s life is rewarding—and fun—and is why I love what I do.

Company Description

Tired of business consultants whose expertise ends after they provide a solution to your business issue? I will take my real-world experience in delivering results to not only help you refine your business strategy, but to put the people, process, or systems in place to turn that strategy into a business reality.

Employment History

Chelle Chase Consulting – Seattle, WA 2016-2017 Seattle-based consulting firm providing strategic implementation services. Providing strategic implementation services for providers of financial and health services ranging from start-ups to new initiative implementation. Services include process optimization, relationship management optimization, vendor sourcing and integration, and project oversight.

SYMETRA — Bellevue, WA 2006 – 2015 United States-based family of companies providing retirement plans, employee benefits, annuities and life insurance through independent distributors nationwide. -VP Relationship Management and Strategic Sales Programs (2013 – 2015) -VP Retail Product, Retirement Division (2008 – 2012) -AVP/Director, Agency Services (2006 – 2007)

WASHINGTON MUTUAL BANK — Seattle, WA 2005 – 2006

GENWORTH FINANCIAL (Formerly GE Insurance) 1992 – 2004


BA Finance, Seattle University

Mentoring Objectives & Scope

Can we maintain our authentic "selves" in the construct of the typical corporate environment?  How to drive organizational and personal success.

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

Evenings - on campus