Mentor List

Katie Bardaro

Job Title: VP of Analytics & Advice
Company: Syndio
Industry: Technology (Saas)
Mentor Since: Fall 2016
Will Mentor: Graduate Students

Job Description

Responsible for driving the strategy around data analysis efforts to support both internal and external customers. Drive team responsible for structuring, managing and extracting data from multiple applications. Own maintaining and improving the health and wealth of our data,  our survey metadata, and any and all data analysis (e.g., PR, data validation studies, BI analysis, etc.). Provide thought leadership / research to partners, customers, researchers, consumers and press regularly around labor economics and compensation topics. 

Company Description

Syndio is an HR analytics company that promotes fairness in every stage of employment, starting with equal pay.

Employment History

After graduating college, I attended the Economics PhD program at UW. During my time there I independently taught or TA'd multiple courses, including Intermediate Microeconomics, Graduate Econometrics, Intermediate Macroeconomics. I left my program as an ABD (all, but dissertation) to join a little startup called PayScale as the first data analyst. I was at PayScale for ~8 years and have just recently moved to Syndio, a start-up HR analytics company.


BA in Econ from College of the Holy Cross (Worcester, MA; 2005)MS in Econ from UW (focus: financial macroeconomics, econometrics; 2008)

Mentoring Objectives & Scope

Given that I have largely worked at one company, I have done a lot to network, connect and present at other organizations to grow my organizational experience. I think the experience I have to offer to the students I mentor based of this work, as well as the actual analytics work I do would be some key objectives. Further, I would like to help them grow their critical thinking and strategic planning skills as these are usually the make or break skills for successful employees. Lastly, I think sharing relevant articles and using them to discuss the landscape would be useful.

When and where do you hold meetings with your students?

My best days are usually M/W afternoons (between 3-5), or Thursday midday (10:30-12:30). My preferred location would be the PayScale office, or a coffee shop in the nearby Pioneer Square area (Zeitgeist, Umbria, etc.).

Additional Information

The main reason I went into an economics PhD program was because I wanted to teach. It turned out that working in industry was a better choice for me, but I still thoroughly enjoyed teaching. I view mentoring as another way to teach and look forward to having the opportunity to share my experiences.