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Client Account Management - Student Employee Position


Positon Description

This opportunity is a paid student employment position for highly-motivated graduate students (or exceptional juniors or seniors) to hone their relationship and account management skills, by managing a few actual relationships with neighborhood small businesses and service providers.

The CAMs will be trained and coached to provide basic business coaching and work with the businesses to connect them with existing resources. In addition, they will be making a big difference in the lives of local small business owners and Seattle’s economic development, while building their network and connections. On average, the CRMs will spend between 20 and 40 hours each month. We require that applicants commit to working at least 9 months in the position. Possibilities exist for exceptional student employees to continue beyond the 9 months.

Intern Benefits

  • Gain extensive hands-on experience and skills in relationship and account management, working directly with 3-4 local businesses and one provider of business services
  • Receive training in key skills, including business coaching, project management, leadership, communications, client account management, business services, strategic planning, business development, and entrepreneurship.
  • Exposure to local professional services firms, banks, finance companies, community service organizations, and the City of Seattle
  • Receive coaching from the IEC director and a team of local business experts & leaders.
  • Build your resume, skills, and background to boost your career opportunities.
  • Build your connections and network in the Seattle region and beyond.
  • Receive career coaching and support throughout the program.


  • Work with clients to create and meet their goals and objectives.
  • Conduct regular client meetings, communicating and archiving notes and findings.
  • Conduct initial needs assessment and create client’s game plan for success.
  • Lead team of student volunteers to complete projects.
  • Offer guidance and subject matter expertise.
  • Track and report on clients’ progress towards strategic goals.
  • Show up on time, prepared, and highly professional. Maintain client confidentiality.
  • Participate in a cultural competency workshop and other appropriate training, as needed.
  • Minimum commitment of 9 months and possibly longer (with annual review).  

Skills, Knowledge, Qualifications, and Attributes

  • Graduate SeattleU students or exceptional undergraduate juniors or seniors with strong interest in economic development and business development within local business communities.
  • Students in all disciplines (business and non-business) are encouraged to apply.
  • Strong interpersonal and communications skills. Solid demonstrable skills in MS Office.
  • Project management experience preferred. Demonstrated team-building skills and experience.
  • At least one year of work experience that is applicable to the internship.
  • Basic understanding of small businesses is preferred.
  • Reliable, organized, attention to detail, punctual/on-time, professional.
  • Awareness and appreciation of diversity, including race, culture, and ethnicity.


Internship Opportunity- Apply as a student

Launch your tomorrow!


Unleash your entrepreneurial side with Seattle U’s RAMP program. We are seeking passionate and reliable students who are willing to help our local Central Area small businesses in their overall development.


About RAMP

Business driven, campus inspired, and community engaged, SeattleU’s Resource Amplification & Management Program (RAMP-up) is a unique, experiential learning environment that brings together minds and hearts on campus and beyond to work with underserved local businesses in Seattle’s Central Area and surrounding neighborhoods.  The SeattleU RAMP-up team, consisting of highly-trained students and coaches, works closely with these businesses and their service providers for one or more years so they can augment their own capacity to remain, grow, and thrive in the neighborhood. As Seattle undergoes rapid, dynamic changes, it is vital to preserve the social, ethnic, and economic fabric of these businesses, which has made the city such an attractive destination.

RAMP-up offers business coaching, resource connections, business planning and other technical support, and project management assistance. It’s a win/win/win: SeattleU students receive solid experiential learning, the university creates deeper connections with its local neighborhoods, and the businesses gain access to additional resources and business services.

  • Vision: A vibrant, connected neighborhood with a diversity of locally-owned businesses that strengthen the ethnic, social, and economic fabric of the community.
  • Mission: RAMP-up seeks to significantly transform the local small business economy and SeattleU’s own campus, as a model for thriving business-campus-community engagement.
  • Key Objectives
  • Increase the capacity of local, underserved businesses so they stay, grow, and thrive as pillars of their communities.
  • Augment the resiliency of the local business ecosystem by partnering with existing service providers and organizations.
  • Strengthen SeattleU’s capacity as an anchor institution to offer key resources and connections within the local business ecosystem.
  • Intern Responsibilities:
  • Support and accept guidance from the Client Account Managers (CAM) in your internship role.
  • Be punctual for your internship duty and be responsible.
  • Determine project scope, goals, and deliverables with the CAM.
  • Develop a communications plan and establish your goals for the position.
  • Communicate any issues or concerns which are likely to affect your internship duties.
  • Be willing to learn and participate in trainings and meetings. 
  • Keep sensitive organizational information confidential.
  • Comply with the policies and procedures of the organization.
  • Track hours in a spreadsheet and attend Bi-weekly meetings


  • Internships are available in the project areas: 
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Business Development


  • Types of projects include:
  • Building Profit and Loss Statements
  • Building a marketing strategy for the small business
  • Helping the business owner recruit interns and/or employees
  • Helping the business owner in getting funding
  • Creating a business plan for the small businesses


  • Time Commitment:  
  • Projects are 3-5 hours a week and scheduling is flexible.
  • 3-months minimum.


  • What you can get: You can have opportunity to do an internship on real projects for real business and build references for you resume. With the guidance of client relationship managers, and contacts with business owners, you can support local small businesses and help the local community! It’s a unique experience to fill in your resume’s relevant experience line!


How Can I Apply? 

Send your resume and cover letter to Handshake. If you have any question about this position, please contact Shreya Khetrapal through email khetrapals@seattleu.edu phone 206-698-3868. 




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The program received a core funding grant from JPMorgan Chase and is currently raising additional funds and sponsorships for more client relationship manager interns to serve more businesses.

Contact Sue Oliver to learn more about sponsorship.



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