Seattle U Gives Day Raises More than $3000 for RAMP up Program

Albers Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center Ramp.up Program participants
February 7, 2020

Yesterday the Albers Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (IEC) participated in SU Giving Day. For 24 hours Seattle U alumni, students, parents, friends, staff, and faculty came together to invest in what matters most to them at Seattle University. This year IEC’s RAMP.up Program was one of the chosen funds highlighted at Albers. 

The RAMP.up program is a completely free resource for community microenterprises fighting gentrification and displacement in the Central Area, pairing them with a team mid-career grad students who provide a one-stop-shop for wraparound business support. The RAMP.up program is an entirely donation-funded community support program and yesterday over 45 RAMP.up program supporters raised over $3,000. Since there were more than 20 individual donors, the IEC unlocked another $500 thanks to an anonymous donor. You may have recently seen news coverage about the RAMP.up program on King5 News or the Crescent Collaborative case study summary. Thanks to the generous donors RAMP.up can continue to support and collaborate with local businesses so they can stay in the communities they belong in. For more updates and news about RAMP.up program be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and Facebook to get the latest news and updates!

A special thank you to all the donors who gave on the Day of Giving:

  • 16 anonymous donors
  • Alejandro Ramirez
  • Amelia Marckworth
  • Braden Wild
  • Caelen Ball
  • Grey Paley
  • Jaidev Vella
  • Joseph Phillips
  • Kalise Ball
  • Kelli Rodriguez
  • Kent Koth
  • Kim Flanery-Rye
  • Kyle Vixie
  • Lorri Sheffer
  • Martin Acevedo
  • Megan Otis
  • Melissa Reaves
  • Mike Taein Eom
  • Nicolette Verhoff
  • Paige Khoury
  • Patty Neil
  • Paul & Wally Boos
  • Peg Marckworth
  • Phil Linfoot
  • Robin Shapiro
  • Shawn F. Graves
  • Sidney Ball
  • Sue Oliver
  • Taryn Coles
  • Wendy Kelley