In Memory of Don Leuthold

Amelia Marckworth, Sue Oliver, Don Leuthold and friend take a picture together at the 2017 Alumni Dinner
June 8, 2020

(Don Leuthold with IEC friends at the 2017 SU Alumni Awards Dinner )


The 2020 Harriet Stephenson Business Plan Competition was dedicated to the memory of Don Leuthold, a longtime supporter of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center at Seattle University. Don passed away in 2019, but his commitment and contributions to the entrepreneurial community will be remembered forever 

Through a generous gift from his estate, an endowment has been established that will fund the 3rd Place Prize for the Harriet Stephenson Business Plan Competition in perpetuity. We are gracious for Don’s contribution and his friendship- we believe that he would be proud to see this fund going to the future entrepreneurs and leaders of the world. We are honored to have received his lasting gift, a gift that will be ever-giving to the Seattle community. 

Don was a good friend of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center, a steadfast supporter and attendee of many of its events over the years. Don joined the IEC Advisory Board in 2006 and provided much valuable insight and direction for the Center. He launched several entrepreneurial ventures over his lifetime, including the Maryhill Winery that he operated with his son and daughter-in-law.