IEC Director Steps Up as the City Leader for Founders Live Seattle

October 6, 2020

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Amelia Marckworth, Interim Director of the Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center at Seattle University, has announced that she will be taking over as the City Leader for Founders Live Seattle. In addition to her role at Seattle University where she provides experiential learning opportunities to students that benefit the local Central-area community, she is also committed to advancing the missions of organizations that promote social justice, equity, and empowerment.  

Founders Live is the global venue that gives tens of thousands of modern entrepreneurs the opportunity to earn global recognition, gain new business opportunities, connect with other world class entrepreneurs, access important growth capital, and truly become rockstars! Nick Hughes, the Founder and CEO of Founders Live has started the company in April 2016 as a monthly event, and has grown it over 60 cities in 30 countries. In the volunteer role as City Leader, Amelia will source the five presenting companies and lead the events (all virtual for now) each month. 

As a global community and media channel created to inspire, educate, and entertain entrepreneurs around the world, the movement includes unique and unforgettable 99-second pitch competitions in select cities which create local entrepreneurial celebrities. Combined with an online network delivering curated articles, videos, livestreamed expert talks and AMA’s, posts, and private member messaging, together that make us world class entrepreneurs. 

Amelia will now be leading all the monthly Seattle events, beginning with a virtual event in November. Reach out to her if your startup would like to present at an upcoming event!