Founder Friday Winter 2022

February 11, 2022

On Friday, February 11, 2022, our Founder Fridays concluded this Winter quarter thank you to everyone that was able to attend.

Here is a recording of the Founder Friday with Audra Query Lawlor

Looking forward to seeing you in our next Founder Friday on April 8, 2022!


Girl Meets Dirt was born of the land. Grew limbs through storms, gained strength with rain, knowledge with history, rootedness with dirt under her fingernails. Seedlings rose, and bore fruit. And she watched, curious & hungry, and learned the art of stretching bounty into winter. This is where the story ends (it always ends) but begins anew – with worn muddy boots and kitchen clogs – a journey in steps, stems, pear seeds, plum pits, and apple flesh. A journey to the fruit of the matter & back, on one island farmette.

Girl Meets Dirt is an Orcas Island-based, fruit preserves company & winery specializing in heirloom jams, shrubs, bitters & petillant natural made from heritage island fruit. The bounty of orchard fruit in the San Juan Islands and their capacity to feed this community for over 135 years is our inspiration. To keep the agricultural legacy of the islands alive and continue to support the orchard economy, we have stewardship arrangements with island growers. Our effort is to preserve the community, the trees and their fruit by sharing the magic of simple, old-school varietals, preserved for enjoyment throughout the year. We have a growing wholesale & distribution business, selling our preserves to specialty food & cheese shops, as well as grocers across the country. We also have a retail shop, online store and do weekly seasonal farmers markets in San Juan County. We are an 8-time Good Food Awards Winner and pride ourselves in making exceptional, unique, handcrafted preserves, and now wine! Woman-owned and operated, island grown.