Founder Friday Spring 2022

April 11, 2022

On Friday, April 8, 2022, our Founder Fridays concluded this Winter quarter thank you to everyone that was able to attend.

Here is a recording of the Founder Friday with Daniela Applegate

About Daniela

Daniela Applegate is the co-founder and Head of Marketing at rThreat, a cybersecurity startup headquartered in Bellingham, WA. Daniela's background is in design, marketing, branding, and e-learning with over 8 years of working experience under her belt. Prior to joining rThreat, she worked in the higher education and e-learning space for organizations like Seattle University and the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Her unique combination of design, marketing, and curriculum development skills empowers her role at rThreat to educate the security industry on the importance of continuous security validation using real-world threats.

Daniela is a proud Latina in tech, and an advocate for women and POC who are interested in a career in cybersecurity. She was a previous Founders Live Seattle pitch competition winner, a finalist in the Women in Cloud #CloudInnovateHER Pitch Challenge, a cohort 7 member of the Women in Cloud Microsoft Cloud Accelerator, and a Seattle University Jones Progress Award winner.

About rThreat

Founded in 2020, rThreat is a breach and attack emulation SaaS platform that challenges your cyber defenses using real-world and custom threats in a secure environment. Think of rThreat as your live fire exercise for cyber attacks.

Our continuous, automated, and realistic controls validation capability allows the CISO to finally answer the perpetual question: Are we secure?

rThreat provides cost-effective, on-demand, and automated capabilities with built-in threat intelligence so organizations can easily implement continuous security validation and remediation. We also develop and provide custom, unknown malware that reflect the most sophisticated blackhat attack methodologies seen in the wild.

The methodologies we use to run our tests provide security teams a true-to-life, realistic assessment of whether or not cyber defenses are configured and working properly. Security and business leaders seeking honest answers about the state of their programs will find rThreat’s platform a critical component of their risk management strategy.