Both Jones Progress Awards Candidates Take the Gold!

Five people standing in a line

Both candidates became award winners after stellar final presentations.

March 1, 2019

We are excited to announce that both of our Jones Progress Awards candidates, MDSI and Actuate Media have reached their milestones and are each being awarded $10,000 for their accomplishments!

The premise of the Jones Progress Awards is that two Seattle University Alumni businesses are selected to go through a rigorous turnaround process, and make their business better than before through mentorship and SMART goals. Both of the teams set six goals that they find difficult to reach, and then in a six month period, they reach those goals/on track to reach the projected goals. The teams are required to have 12 month financial projections and a revenue target, however the remaining four goals are up to the team’s to decide individually. Although a revenue target is required, the actual target is also up to the teams’ discretion.

In the final presentations, each of the teams had an hour to pitch to a panel of four judges on their business’ start, where the business was, how they turned it around, and what the business will look like in the future. The two presentations were different form one to another because of the different fields the teams were in: MDSI in medical, and Actuate Media in digital marketing.

Overall, the Jones Progress Awards Final Presentations was a success, and we are very proud of our award winners!


Pictured: The MDSI team just after finishing their final presentation.