Announcing the 2020 Harriet Stephenson BPC Semi-Finalist Teams

Overview of competition dates

Save the date to see them compete (virtually) on April 24!

March 23, 2020

Congratulations to our Semi-Finalist Teams!

Each of these student- and alumni-led teams have submitted business plans that stood out, and we can’t wait to see what they will each bring to the Semifinals!

Save The Date 4/24

Semi-Finals: April 24th, 3-6pm (Online)

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2020 Semi-Finalist Teams


Ashley Carson, LEMBA ‘20

Match making system using AI and machine learning to search, source, select and pair healthcare candidates to open roles.


Anna’s Assisted Living

Samuel Mwangi, MS Finance ‘21

Nancy Gichuhi, Tonie Karanja, Anne Gichuhi, Margaret Osundwa

Providing seed funding to prospective owners of residence based assisted living facilities (adult family homes) and limited real estate and business services.


Bar Buddy

Thomas Neiman, BA Finance ‘19

Dylan Bade, Aidan Smith

Barbuddy is a media company that aims to provide a comprehensive platform where bars and those who patronize them can exist and interact with their greater community. We aim to leverage the success of our sponsored events and media channels to make this possible.


Beans After Dark

Max Pineda, BA Business Analytics ‘20

beans after dark is an atmospheric, functional cafe, centered between two colleges that aims to enhance productivity with a space that provides a late-night social/study space unlike surrounding


Better Mankind Inc. (HappyGo)

Derrick Peters, MBA ‘11

Mobile application to connect people for activities they want to do.



Nasteha Muse, MBA ‘21

Carentific is a mobile app that aggregates data on childcare facilities into a single searchable database for easy navigation. Carentific connect parent to childcare providers (0-5 years old)



Bethany Locke, BA Finance & Business Analytics ‘22

Felicia Yan, UW Business Administration Major)

Clarity is a company committed to radical transparency, eco-friendly sourcing, and personal wellness in the hair care industry. This is made possible with our online quiz and treatments.



Erin Chiang, LEMBA ‘20

Connie Shung, Gino Chiang

The business opportunity we are proposing is to promote a non-straw needed cup that is reusable and recyclable in the boba tea market.


Delta Bee

David King Traub, LEMBA ‘20

An ERP software development company, targeting manufacturing companies with annual revenue between $5M and $100M.


Mini Waves Baby Spa

Hilal Aktas, MS Finance ‘21

Ravija Amlani Garg, Erdem Aktas, Prateek Garg

Mini Waves is an infant hydrotherapy and infant massage instruction business. Infants develop important motor skills and experience comfort as they float in a small pool that simulates the womb.



William Gibbs, BS Mechanical Engineering ‘08

Peter Biddle, Max Cerami, Ana Lester

MODICA develops modular robotic micro-factories and flexible human workspace units that can be built offsite then deployed to create or expand manufacturing capacity anywhere in the world. Our MicroManufacturing Arrays house groups of small-format digital machine tools that are served by smart robotics and a coordinating software platform.



Alejandro Ramirez, BA Management & BLAW ‘21

Jaidev Vella, BA Management ‘22

Navia aims to revolutionize the technology used in the safety industry.



Kristian Swank, MBA ‘20

Siri Angeles

Pail is a subscription food service business for children k-8, focusing on school lunches customized through an app with parental controls. Pail provides fun and educational extras in each lunch.


Permanink Produce

Arya Matthew, BS Computer Science ‘22

Sophie Ye, Alyssa Mell, Siddhant Jain, Khoi Ha

Permanink Produce strives to find an eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to plastic PLU produce stickers. We are in the process of developing a product that reduces the waste created by current nonbiodegradable produce stickers. Our product will be non-toxic, compostable, and allergen free.


She Leads

Liz Wagner, LEMBA ‘20

Our mission is to inspire and teach leadership skills and build confidence in girls to empower future leaders who will change the world.


Solar Dot

Jacob Zeigler, BA Management & Economics, ‘21

Michael Bremer, Benjamin Carlson, JinLee Gunvalson, Alejandro Ramirez, Caleb Dickinson-Cove, Dillon Willend Atsiil, Hanson Liu

Our company has the idea to produce transparent solar panels, where they could be used in the form of windows and be easier to place on buildings (namely skyscrapers), allowing buildings to be self sufficient by increasing efficiency and uses of solar panels in everyday life.



Sharon Ideguchi, BA Business Analytics & Marketing ‘20

Up and Up is an app that collects items no longer needed by the user and connects these items with people who need them, helping to turn houses into homes.



Tom Thomas, LEMBA ‘20

Our strategy is to create a world of informed voters, that are counted as intended, with security and auditability via an online voting experience.



Thomas Martig, LEMBA ‘20

WELF offers portable self-heating cookware including skillets and pots for global consumption.


We would love to see you at the (virtual) Semifinals- and until then, stay safe and healthy!

All the best,

Amelia & Alexis

Amelia Marckworth, IEC Interim Director

Alexis Rastovich, IEC Program Coordinator