Team Eligibility

Teams must comply with the following criteria to be eligible for the competition. Please read carefully! (NOTE: We have done our best to align our rules with the UW 2018 Business Plan Competition rules so contestants can participate in both competitions with the same material. However, please be aware there may be slight differences. See bottom of page for details).

  1. The Seattle University Business Plan Competition is limited to teams that include active SU students or alumni as defined below:
    • Seattle University students enrolled either full-time or part-time in degree programs during one or more of the following academic periods: Summer 2017, Fall 2017, Winter 2018, or Spring 2018 at Seattle University.
    • Seattle University alumni who have graduated from SU prior to the Summer 2017 academic period. SU Alumni from any school or college within the university are eligible to participate in the competition, not just Albers School of Business and Economics alumni.
  2. Non-student business professionals are allowed as team members, but there must be a Seattle University student or alum on the team.
  3. The business plan must be developed during the current school year and the student/alumnus must have played a major role in writing the plan.
  4. Working with outside entrepreneurs with existing businesses/business ideas is permissible but as noted in #3 above, the student/alumnus must write the plan.
  5. Total company revenues cannot exceed $500K (for existing businesses without a business plan).
  6. In the Trade Show Round, no more than four team members, including both students/alumni and nonstudents, may present their business concept to the judges at their booth.
  7. In the final presentation round of the competition, only students or alumni will present.
  8. The Director of the Entrepreneurship Center reserves the right to make the final determination of the appropriateness of submitted business ventures. Not all prizes may be awarded depending on the quality of submissions.
  9. Eligible teams must not have previously pitched their idea to an angel or venture investing group.  This ensures a more equitable playing ground for competitors. 

Note: University of Washington Business Plan Competition has the following additional qualifications:

  1. Students must have an ownership stake in the business or the potential for equity or employment.
  2. Only student team members are eligible to win prize money. No payments will be made to non-students.
  3. Alumni are not allowed to participate as the primary member of the team. Each team must have a current student.
  4. While we try to be consistent, there may be different judging criteria for business plans between UW and SU.