The SAGE activity at Albers introduces a new and unique educational opportunity that adds challenging and exciting dimensions to the overall EDGE program. SAGE provides an extensive, worldwide student research and business development network, linked to other selected business schools worldwide by means of advanced technologies, the World Wide Web, and the Internet.

The purpose of this network is to promote and facilitate interaction among students and faculty at participating schools in all major world markets through the formation of joint teams to work together on current, actual business projects, problems, or opportunities faced by international business firms. Although thousands of miles apart, team members bridge the geographic gap in real time with email and interactive video to complete their projects.

Firms can benefit by obtaining primary research in target markets and direct contacts with potential business partners. Students have the opportunity to address issues unique to global business development, experience interdisciplinary, and intercultural relationships and experience business practices in other countries.

At the conclusion of each project, the student team prepares a comprehensive written report for its client company and makes a formal presentation of its findings. In order that all team members may participate, including supervising faculty members, these presentations take place through video conferencing or in a face-to-face setting, depending on client preferences.