Global Research Service

A company’s success in the global market place depends on (1) a quality product or service, (2) an organizational commitment of time and financial resources, and (3) the knowledge that allows a company to recognize opportunities and target its marketing and other efforts effectively.

At a time when information is as important as it is abundant, this EDGE service is designed for the business that needs quick answers to specific questions. Topics could include market trends, trade restrictions, export regulations, distribution channels, and other international issues, such as:

  • Political risks and Investment Climate
  • Business Practices
  • Cultural Awareness and Understanding
  • Information Sources

Utilizing the far-reaching resources of the Albers school, the Seattle University library system, the expertise of faculty, and the dedication of students, the Global Research Service (GRS) was initiated to provide companies with the information and guidance they may need in order to make informed decisions about global business activities.

The GRS can be used as an informational starting point for investigating foreign market opportunities, solving a particular international problem, or for the answer to a sudden, unexpected question. After discussing the issue with the company, EDGE assigns a student to perform the necessary research and a faculty member with expertise in the area under consideration (marketing, finance, organization, etc.) to supervise the effort.

When the results are in, this project team schedules a private, informal meeting with the company to discuss the findings, answer questions, provide recommendations for optimal use of the information, and suggest further steps that could be taken. The GRS is designed for rapid response to pressing issues. Our goal is to complete the process within 10 working days.