Customized Seminars

To support the efforts of local businesses in the critical areas of strategic planning, problem solving, and education or training, particularly as concerns a company’s international business interests, this EDGE activity focuses on the particular needs of an individual company by preparing and presenting targeted, customized seminars. These seminars offer an effective means for business firms to tap the extensive research, informational, analytical, and educational resources available at Albers, and to gain the tools and information essential for targeting the challenges of today’s global marketplace.

Seminars are held at a company’s offices to assure confidentiality, convenient scheduling, and optimum company participation. The participating company schedules the program, selects the agenda, and raises any questions or problems it may be facing. Students perform the research required and assist faculty in presenting the material.

Pre-seminar discussions serve to identify and focus on areas of interest and need, set the agenda, and establish the format. Seminars may be global in nature or directed toward a particular region or country. The format will typically be one full day or two consecutive half days.

Each seminar is tailored to the specific needs and questions of the participating firm. Examples of agenda items that might be addressed include:

  • International Marketing and Research, including: Market definition and evaluation, promotional strategies, pricing policies, and product adaptation.
  • Intercultural Communications, including: Cultural concepts, international negotiations, human resource management, protocol, and business formalities.
  • Global Management and Strategy, including: Operational efficiencies, education and training, best practices, quality control, and performance analysis/improvement.
  • International Trade, including: Distribution systems, transportation and logistics, payments and collections and trade operations (documentation, insurance, etc.), and global supply chain management.
  • Legal and Financial Issues, including: Legal systems, intellectual property protection, dispute resolution, foreign exchange practices, taxation, and accounting.