China Clinic Testimonials

This was a truly exceptional experience and I got way more information than I had anticipated. The content was rich and I feel there is a solid base to work from to make this an ongoing program - a program that could potentially become a National portal for doing business in China. I really think that Seattle University could take a leadership role here and greatly enhance it's stature as a premier academic institution.

The next question I ask is: What do we do next? What is the roadmap? Is there one? If not, we should consider the next steps quickly to keep momentum. Notice I say "we" because I would like to be a part of this in some capacity.

All in all, a great, great kickoff to a promising endeavor and fascinating subject.

J.P. Giuliotti
Vice President - Program Manager, Retail Banking WaMu

"Thank you once again for the fantastic experience at the China Clinic. The China Clinic for CEOs provided me with considerable new insights into China’s business environment as well as the scale, composition, and reasons for the rapid growth of its economy. Consequently, I have a much better understanding of China's continually rising influence within the international political economy. I also found the discussion of Chinese cultural norms, e.g., guanxi, extremely fascinating. It is clear that guanxi is not an abstract concept, but something fundamental to conducting business in China.

Dr. Reid's presentation painted a detailed macroeconomic portrait of China that, in turn, provided an excellent framework for Manny Menendez's many personal accounts of conducting business in the country. Rounding out the clinic was Dr. Kent Mao's motivational presentation in which he offered a host of practical tips for doing business in the country.

The integration of the subject matter in the China Clinic was seamless and told a compelling story. The combination of economic analysis and personal accounts of conducting business in China served not only to demystify the country but also explain the allure that it has for many U.S. companies and entrepreneurs wishing to do business there.

Lastly, contrary to what many may think about China, it is not a lawless and unregulated "Wild West". In actuality, while entering the market does possess certain risks, U.S. companies can—and obviously do—succeed there. Critical to that success, however, is that new entrants are cognizant of the intricacies of the business landscape and understand how to navigate it. To this end, it is clear that an experienced and knowledgeable guide is an essential aid. Any company choosing to go it alone does so at their peril, as eBay recently discovered."

Paul Sonnier
Calypso Medical Technologies

"My first introduction to the CCC was last year in December. I found that this initial experience was quite valuable, so when I saw an ad for the second event, I was very pleased. I feel that our faculty is doing a great job in developing opportunities for the students to bridge the gap between the U.S. and China. I understand that the primary objective of the CCC is to involve CEO participation. However, I think that inviting students is no less important, as they are the future. I want to thank Dr. Reid and the rest of the faculty for putting the event together and for inviting exciting and knowledgeable guests, such as Mr. Menendez, William Chao, Jesse Tam and Kent Mao who shared their hands-on experiences with the audience. I won’t go into the importance of China in the world and for the U.S. We all understand that. I would like to emphasize the importance of having clinics like this one for the students. Most of the material that is taught in business school is theoretical. Focusing on real life experiences, the Clinic better prepares students to enter a sophisticated and complex business world. I would encourage the faculty to make the Clinic an ongoing event so that many more people can benefit from it. I encourage the school to invite guest speakers like those above to share their experiences with us on a regular basis. This is an excellent initiative that has the potential to flourish even further. Let’s make it a vibrant learning tool."

Elena Kamaeva
International Sales Manager