China Clinic for CEOs

China presents the biggest opportunity and represents the most significant punctuation in your business environment ever. To fail to prepare to take account of China's impact is to prepare to fail, or at best: under-perform.

The Albers Center for Global Business at Seattle University has designed and developed the China Clinic for CEOs (CCC) to provide insight for CEOs operating in China today or impacted by China's rise. As a participant you will obtain insight into developments in China and the effects of the China influence on the competitiveness of your organization.

By combining the rigor of two decades of research into the experiences of foreign enterprise in Asia with almost thirty years of deal making experience in China, we are able to deliver a uniquely positioned workshop with direct relevance to China business.

The China Clinic is led by:

David McHardy Reid
Professor of Business Administration and Economics
Albers School of Business and Economics