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Reality Check: How to Recognize and Avoid Misinformation Online

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Increasingly people are relying on social media for their news. At the same time there is a growing pervasiveness of misinformation and disinformation across the internet, undermining national elections, public health, and social progress. As misinformation and disinformation spread, we have to take personal responsibility for what we read, share, and post.
Jul 31, 2020

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Race and Renewed Conviction

With our colleagues, the Center for Business Ethics recognizes that we have a responsibility to address injustice and affirm the dignity of Black Americans. The challenges we face are something that Seattle University, and the Center for Business Ethics, are prepared to undertake.
Jun 8, 2020

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Courageous and Responsible Followers

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Faculty Fellow Colette Hoption explores the responsibilities of leaders and followers. Based on her investigations with recent Seattle University graduate Mary Han ('19) which examined the influence of female caregivers on young adults’ beliefs about followers, Ms. Hoption argues that courageous followership is just as important as strong leadership.
Jun 3, 2020

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Data Privacy and Contact Tracing

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Is it appropriate to track those infected with the Coronavirus using mobile devices? Center Director Jeffery Smith and Associate Professor of Law Eva Sedgwick examine the tradeoffs between privacy and public health.
May 14, 2020

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Caring During Crisis

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Brooke Carlisle, Frank Shrontz Scholar and Graduate Assistant at the Center for Business Ethics, explores how the COVID pandemic has affected business and employees. She uses two examples of positive leadership during this crisis.
May 12, 2020

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