Syd Dawson

Syd Dawson, Albers Alumni Board Member

MBA, 2002

Tool Services Manager, The Boeing Company


I joined the Albers Alumni Board as way to give back (or maybe better to say, pay forward) to the Albers School. When I enrolled at Albers in 2001, I was in the midst of making a career change and education and experiences I gained at Albers helped with that change. During my tenure with the Albers Alumni Board, I have had the opportunity to be involved in many different activities and events engaging both alumni and current students. It is these opportunities I mean when I have had the chance the pay forward to others connected to Albers and Seattle University. I encourage anyone wishing to do the same to look into joining our Board.

Fun Fact about me: In May 2018, I had the incredible honor to be selected by the City of Maple Valley to serve on it's City Council