Undergraduate Leadership Program Projects

Posted by Joe Phillips on Monday, June 6, 2016 at 5:19 PM PDT

Each year, students in the Albers Undergraduate Leadership Program choose something on campus that is not working and take it on as a project.  Under the guidance of Professor Sharon Lobel, these projects have been quite impressive and compelling.

The projects the students took on this year are no exception.  They include:

  • Expanded library hours -- to include more hours on the weekend and staying open later at night.  The 11:00 PM closing time does not match student schedules!
  • Umbrella Availability -- devise a system to make umbrellas available to students as they race from one location to the next -- in the rain!
  • Liberate Dining Dollars -- allow some meal card funding to be used at grocery stores and restaurants located near campus.
  • Increase Efficiency of the Bottom Line -- the cafe in the Paccar Atrium has been plagued by long lines at peak times.  Students are helping Bon App experiment with ways to reduce waiting times.
  • Student ORCA Cards -- create a program that automatically provides ORCA cards to students, avoiding the higher costs and complicated application procedure that is now required for a student to obtain an ORCA card.
  • Post information on Food Allergens -- work with Bon App to increase information on the most common food allergens found in cafeteria offerings, such as for peanuts and dairy.

All these projects are a work in progress, but if the students can continue to push these efforts forward and solutions are found, they will have done a great service to their peers and the entire campus!  They have identified who they should be working with and are doing that in a constructive and respectful way.  Keep up the good work undergrad leadership students! :}