Assessment Plans

Academic Program Assessment

All programs engage in an ongoing assessment of student achievement of their program learning outcomes (PLOs).

Once a program has drafted their learning outcomes, they should complete an Assessment Calendar and submit it to their assessment coordinator.

After that point, programs just need to submit two documents annually.

These documents are due from each school or college's assessment coordinator by October 15th each fall.

Programs should submit these documents to the appropriate assessment coordinator for initial review no later than October 15th.

  1. Assessment Report Template 2018-19 for prior year assessment activity.
  2. An updated assessment plan for all Program Learning Outcomes - choose from the following options

For support and guidance on how to plan, facilitate, and report on your program's annual assessment project, please review the  Assessment Report Review Rubric, reach out to your assessment coordinator, or email the University Assessment Committee directly at





Bob Duniway
Assistant Vice President
University Planning

Sophia Sansone
Accreditation & Assessment Manager