Seattle University & Planned Parenthood

Seattle University & Planned Parenthood

A Timeline of Recent Event with Archival Materials

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Reference to Planned Parenthood Removed from SU Web Page 

Sep. 24, 2019

Students for Life of America (SFLA), a national pro-life organization with no authority over Seattle University policy, posts on their website about efforts to influence a number of Catholic Universities to remove references to or affiliations with Planned Parenthood--efforts they refer to as "industry impact".

Screenshot of reference to planned parenthood website on college of arts and sciences website

Screenshot of original reference (now removed) to Planned Parenthood on College of Arts & Sciences Web Page

Read the Coverage by The Spectator


A Letter to President Sundborg

Oct. 14, 2019

Following President Sundborg's decision to remove the reference to Planned Parenthood from the website, several dozen students gathered to present a letter signed by over 1,000 students, faculty, staff, and alumni to Sundborg when he was on his way to a meeting with a coalition from Academic Assembly to discuss his decision (reporting by The Spectator).

Picture of the letter, click for full text

Click to read the full text


Academic Assembly Resolution

Oct. 21, 2019

The Academic Assembly, SU's elected shared governance faculty body that serves as a strong and coherent faculty voice in decision-making in academic matters, voted to approve a motion to the President, Provost, Cabinet and Board of Trustees with five recommendations regarding President Sundborg's order to removed Planned Parenthood from certain University web pages. 

A picture of the Academic Assembly resolution, click for text

AcA Resolution 10-21-19


Land O' Lakes Statement


A 1967 position paper adopted by the participants of a seminar sponsored by University of Notre Dame on the role of Catholic universities. Attendees at this American seminar included the following university presidents: University of Notre Dame, Georgetown, Seton Hall, Boston College, Fordham, St. Louis University, and the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico. Over a dozen other educators from North American Catholic institutions of higher education were also present.

Screen shot of the Land O Lakes statement

Land O Lakes Statement


Spectator Archive

Apr. 21, 1977-Apr. 13, 2011

Selections from the Lemieux Library's archive of the Seattle University student-run newspaper, The Spectator. These issues have direct references to Planned Parenthood and/or sexual health issues on campus. 

Screen shot of spectator article entitled,

April 13, 2011

April 25, 2007

March 5, 1992

November 17, 1988

October 6, 1988

May 6, 1987

February 16, 1983

February 9, 1983

February 2, 1983

March 3, 1982

October 27, 1982

November 3, 1982

Thursday 21, 1977