Go Beyond the Classroom

Get out of the classroom

When you study women, gender, and sexualities you engage in praxis, which simply means putting your intellect and your expertise to work outside the classroom, the library, and the lab. We offer you plenty of chances to get out there and make change—internships, community engagement, research with faculty, and creative projects.

Get out of the classroom


Put your knowledge of women, gender, and sexualities to what matters outside the classroom through the Internship Program.

You will work with Professor Gary Atkins and earn course credits by interning, under professional supervision, at one of a wide range of organizations in the Seattle area—including museums, academic societies, activist groups, and community service organizations.

As an intern, you will better grasp the meaning of an interdisciplinary degree that gives you a different perspective than you get in the classroom. Your experience will open doors to both professional employment and graduate school.

Contact Professor Theresa Earenfight at theresa@seattleu.edu.

Study Abroad

When you study abroad, whether a short- or long-term program, you will immerse yourself in another culture and experience the world in a meaningful way.

Studying abroad opens doors and minds and creates important bridges that link societies and foster an exchange of ideas that will stay with you for a lifetime.

We work closely with you to find the best program, whether it’s an independently organized program of study or one sponsored by Seattle University’s Office of Education Abroad.


Connect with the WG&S Community

You can connect classroom, campus and community to promote gender and sexual justice in academia, the community, and the wider world. Faculty in Women and Gender Studies are partners with a wide variety of community-based organizations and nonprofits throughout the Seattle area that seek volunteers to participate in a movement.


Connect with the WG&S Community

What about after graduation?

How are alums putting their intellect and expertise to work?

What about after graduation?


  • Event and Communication Specialist for the Research Commons, University of Washington Libraries
  • MEd, University of Washington; Recruiter and Academic Advisor for the College Assistance Migrant Program, University of Washington
  • AmeriCorps; Center for Community Engagement, Seattle University
  • Academic Administrative Specialist, Office of the Provost, Seattle University
  • MEd; Program Manager, Educator, Learning and Development, Communications, St. Joseph School Seattle
  • MEd Seattle University; School Counselor, Tacoma Public Schools


  • MA, Applied International Studies; Senior Global Responsibility Specialist at Starbucks
  • President, Projectline
  • Chelan Fruit Cooperative
  • Production Manager at Milk Bar, Seattle

City and State Government; Political Organizations; Public Policy

  • Campaign Strategist, Blue State Digital
  • Fellow, Institute for Women's Policy Research; Campaign Associate at East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy

Non-Profit Organizations

  • School Garden Coordinator, Springwater Environmental Sciences School
  • Operations Director, Horse Rescue, Save A Forgotten Equine
  • Trans Tanama, San Juan, Puerto Rico, Grupo Asesor Comunitario (Community Assessment Group) sexual health for Puerto Rican trans-gender youth

Creative and Performing Arts 

  • Actor; Fulbright Scholar; Seattle Shakespeare Festival, Seattle Repertory Theatre
  • Graphic Designer at City of Seattle Office of Economic Development + Office of Film and Music

Health Care

  • MPH, Lund University; Reproductive Health and Research Intern at World Health Organization
  • Communications, City & County of San Francisco Office of Civic Engagement & Immigrant Affairs
  • MPA, Evans School of Public Policy and Governance at University of Washington; Senior Policy Analyst, Washington State Health Care Authority
  • JD Seattle University; Associate Attorney, Newton Knight LLP