Ali Altaf Mian, PhD

PhD, Religion

Assistant Professor of Theology and Religious Studies

Phone: 206.296.5862

Building/Room: Casey 230-14

Ali Altaf Mian CV

Biography and Teaching Interests

Ali Altaf Mian is assistant professor of Islamic studies in the Department of Theology and Religious Studies. He completed his Ph.D. in religious studies in 2015 from Duke University. His research interests include: Islam in South Asia; Islamic law and ethics; gender and sexuality; feminist theory and practice; Sufism and comparative mysticism; continental philosophy; comparative religion; theory and method in the study of religion. Currently, he is working on two manuscripts: Muslims in South Asia (contracted with Edinburgh University Press, forthcoming in 2019) and Surviving Modernity: Ashraf ‘Ali Thanvi (1863-1943) and the Politics of Muslim Orthodoxy in Colonial India. His publications have appeared in peer-reviewed journals such as Islamic Studies, Muslim World, and Journal of Shi‘a Islamic Studies.

My publications can be found here.