Women and Gender Studies Events

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Amplifying voices on intersectionality and leadership

Tuesday, February 5, 2019
5:00–6:30 pm

Casey Commons,
5th Floor, Casey Building

Wismer February 5

Kimberlé Crenshaw’s work on intersectionality provides a framework for understanding how social dynamics such as gender and race bias create interlocking systems of discrimination. The term “intersectionality” has become more popular, yet often our understanding of it remains on the surface and fails to amplify the voices that Crenshaw desired people to hear.

The goal of this event is to engage the campus community in the research and scholarship of three phenomenal professors:  

  • Natalie Cisneros, Ph.D. | Seattle University
  • Ashleigh Shelby-Rosette, Ph.D. | Duke University
  • Ruchika Tulshyan, MS | Seattle University

The panel will be moderated by Holly Slay Ferraro, Ph.D., Seattle University’s Wismer Professor for Gender and Diversity.

Together, we will explore the history of intersectionality and research from various disciplines exploring how race and gender influence leadership within organizations. 

This event is a partnership of the Wismer Professor for Gender and Diversity, the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, and the Global African Studies Program.








Trans* Visions 

The Time to Be Happy is Now: Making Trans History

Feb 20 | 6-8p

Wyckoff Auditorium


Marsha Botzer Ingersoll Gender Center & Equal Rights Washington

Lady B Trans* Advocate, Performance Artist, Dancer, Organizational Consultant 

Trans* Visions is a lecture series offered winter 2019 featuring feminist trans folk who are experts in areas such as: artificial intelligence/design engineering, family and immigration law, medical and mental health, space and place, sports, politics, and religion. 

For more information contact: theresa@seattleu.edu








Mexico Teach-In 

Feb 21 | 2-6

Wyckoff Auditorium

Speakers will include Jeanette Rodriguez, Ali Mian, Audrey Hudgins, alumni, students and community leaders.

For more information contact: theresa@seattleu.edu






Health Care 2020:

Medicare 4 All and the Silence of the LGBTQ & HIV Movement

Mar 4 | 6:30-8:30p

Casey Commons

Kenyon Farrow is an award-winning Black gay writer, activist and strategist. He is the Senior Editor with TheBody.com, the former U.S. & Global Health Policy Director with Treatment Action Group, and the former Executive Director of Queers for Economic Justice. He's published in many outlets including TheAtlantic, Alternet, The American Prospect, Colorlines, BET.com and ReWire News. He's been honored by Out Magazine, the Advocate, The Root.com and BET.com.

For more information contact: theresa@seattleu.edu









Women and Song Women's Celebration 

Mar 7 | 6-9pm

Casey Commons

Please consider yourself invited to participate, sing, recite, etc.  Renowned poets and musicians from the community will lead. 

For more information contact: theresa@seattleu.edu








Presentation by Patrice Vecchione

Apr 24 | 6-9pm

Pigott Auditorium 

Presentation by Patrice Vecchione (editor and poet) and a couple of other poets from Seattle, included in Ink Has NO Borders, and anthology of Immigrants and Exiles from over 65 nations
Our students and community will participate in reading some of the poems on stage. Students will be gifted a copy of the anthology.

For more information contact: theresa@seattleu.edu








Faculty & Staff Writing Workshop

Apr 25 | 12-3

Casey Commons 

For more information contact: theresa@seattleu.edu






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