Connect Across Disciplines

What elective courses can I take?

The Women & Gender Studies major gives you a wide array of courses that put women and gender at the center of academic study, investigate the complex histories of interlinked oppressions and privileges, and study the experiences of women and men and anyone outside the gender binary of all races, ethnicities, sexualities, and economic circumstances. Some examples are listed here.

Connect Across Disciplines

Art & Art History

  • Robots, Machines. and the Body


  • Sexual Storytelling
  • Sex, God, and Free Speech

Criminal Justice

  • Gender, Race, & Crime

English, Creative Writing, and Film Studies

  • Dystopian Fictions
  • Literature of India
  • Indigenous American Literature
  • US Ethnic/Non-Western Literature in Context


  • European Women in the Middle Ages
  • The European Witch Hunts
  • Global History of the Women’s Movement
  • Teaching US History/American Women’s History

International Studies

  • Women & Gender in the Middle East
  • Women and Leadership in Latin America


  • Gender and Power in Ancient Greece


  • Sexualities in Psychotherapy
  • Psychology of Gender
  • Women and Children

Political Science

  • Global Queer


  • Paradise Lost: Social Problems
  • Gender Roles and Sexuality
  • Men and Masculinities
  • Belonging in America
  • Sexual Politics
  • Transgender Studies 

Theology and Religious Studies

  • Women and Christian Theology
  • Latin American Liberation Theology
  • Gender and Sexuality in Islam
  • Sexuality, Gender, and the Church