The new Sport and Exercise Science curriculum is designed to better align with your post-graduation goals.
Students have SPEX Elective options that will enhance their academic experience and better prepare them for graduate school and to work as industry professionals. Please take a moment to review the new SPEX Major requirements below and the 2 year Course Rotation document located on the right side menu. Pay close attention to the prerequisites as some have changed and it may affect your eligibility for registration.

Remember that it is extremely important for SPEX students to consult with your advisor before registration in order to design a plan that integrates all of the new curriculum initiatives.

Do not hesitate to contact the SPEX department with any questions and/or concerns.  

New Courses

SPEX 2510 Sport Psychology (ELECTIVE)
SPEX 2710 Exercise Psychology (REQUIRED) 


SPEX Required Courses (65 credits Total)

BIOL 1610 Biology I: Molecular and Cellular Biology (4 credits)
+ BIOL 1611 Biology Lab I (1 credit)
CHEM 1500 General Chemistry (4 credits)
+CHEM 1501 General Chemistry Laboratory I (1 credit)
BIOL 2200 Anatomy and Physiology I
BIOL 2210 Anatomy and Physiology II
PHYS 1050 Mechanics
+PHYS 1051 Mechanics Lab
SPEX 1320 Health & Wellness (5 credits)
SPEX 1550 Introduction to Kinesiology (3 credits)
SPEX 2110 Responding to Emergencies (2 credits)
SPEX 2310 - Sport & Exercise Physiology (4 credits)
+ SPEX 2311 - Sport & Exercise Physiology Lab (1 credit)
SPEX 2710 Exercise Psychology (5 credits)
SPEX 3130 - Biomechanics (4 credits)
+ SPEX 3131 - Biomechanics (1 credit)
SPEX 4950 - Internship (10 credits)
SPEX 4990 Research Seminar in Exercise Science (5 credits)  

SPEX Electives (choose 3 for a total of 15 credits)

SPEX 2510 Sport Psychology (5 credits)
SPEX 3120 Nutrition for Sport & Exercise
SPEX 3210 Care & Prevention of Athletic Injuries (5 credits)
SPEX 3220 – Principles of Resistance & Metabolic Training (4 credits)
+ SPEX 3221 – Principles of Resistance & Metabolic Training Lab (1 credit)
SPEX 3510 Fitness Assessment & Exercise Prescription
SPEX 4300 Skeletal Muscle Physiology (5 credits)

Contact Us

Erica Rauff, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor

Lauren Van Fossen
SPEX Academic Advisor