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Jillian Chaves |

Near the end of my high school career, I lost the passion of playing sports, but I still loved the idea of being a part of it. Because of this, I decided to major into the Sports and Exercise Science program at Seattle University with my goal of becoming a physical therapist and/or personal trainer. Although I might not be physically playing a sport, I will be part of a team and contribute my abilities to make that team better.

Jillian Chaves | 2019
Ben Kohler |

The faculty and staff of the Sports and Exercise Science program do an amazing job not only making sure you understand material, but also help to explain the way that it can be utilized outside the classroom! Through research, career exploration, and practical experience, I felt like I could not have chosen a better program to kick start my career and passion for wellness!

Ben Kohler | 2015
Sydney Dale |

My time at Seattle University created the building blocks for my career today. I value the time and effort of our program and its leaders, as their mentorship helped me find my passions and talents. Our field is in a time of immense growth, and I am confident that SU will continue to provide an experience for students that is able to meet the demands of research and trends. I am so grateful for my time spent as a Seattle University student.

Sydney Dale | 2016
Monet Kumazawa |

In choosing SPEX, I valued the courses offered and the variation in content I'd be learning. I didn't want a program that would be limited to just Sports Medicine, so having elective courses to this program was an addition to why I wanted to be in the program.

Monet Kumazawa | 2020