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    Kinesiology Alumni

    Careers in Sport & Exercise Science

    A degree in Sport & Exercise Scinece provides a strong foundation for those students who wish to pursue careers in allied health related fields.  In addition to careers allied health, this degree program prepares students for careers or further graduate education in areas such as Exercise Physiology, Biomechanics, Athletic Training, Health and Wellness, Sport Performance, and Strength and Conditioning.

    Graduates of this major are prepared to get jobs in:

    • Allied Health (Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, etc.)
    • Corporate Wellness
    • Athletic Training, Physical Education, Coaching
    • Professional Sport Performance

    Alumni are prepared to enter graduate programs in:

    • Physical, and Occupational Therapy
    • Sports Medicine
    • Exercise Physiology,  and  Biomechanics
    • Chiropractic

    Check Out What Our Alumni Are Up To!

    • Michael Lee, ’17- Master’s Student of Kinesiology, University of Michigan, Class of 2020
    • Amanda Labayog, ’17- Physical Therapy Aide
    • Broc Gates, ’17- Medical Assistant, Critical Care Unit, Evergreen Health Medical Center
    • Rebecca Laserre, ’17-  Exercise Physiologist, PotentRx Health and Performance Center, Seattle
    • Catherine Dickson, ’17- Certified Personal Trainer, PRO Sports Club
    • Madi Engel, ’17- Physical Therapy Aid, Virginia Mason Hospital, Seattle
    • Heather Higashi, ’16- Physical Therapy Doctoral Student, Pacific University - Oregon, Class of 2020
    • Ryan Dickson, ’16- Physical Therapy Doctoral Student, Washington University – St. Louis, Class of 2021
    • Julian Rimm, ’16- Specimen Processing Supervisor, John A. Burns School of Medicine, Honolulu, Hawaii
    • Caleb Zimmerman, ’16- Physical Therapy Doctoral Student, George Fox University, Oregon, Class of 2020
    • RURy LEE, ’16- Fitness Specialist, Vivicorp, Inc.
    • Innis McComb, ’17- Commissioned Officer, United States Marine Corp
    • Mariah O’Neil, ’17- Law Student, Seattle University
    • Nadine McMillan, ’17- Master’s Student, Athletic Training, Oregon State University, Class of 2019
    • Gus Arroyo, ’16- Master’s Student, Environmental Health - Ergonomics, Colorado State University, Class of 2018
    • Marika Yaplee, ’17- Master’s Student, Sports Administration and Leadership, Seattle University, Class of 2019
    • Kristen Reed, ’16- Master’s in Education,  Seattle Pacific University 2017, Teacher at Northshore School District, Washington
    • Alissa Poplawski, ’16- Instructional Developer at the Ki Group
    • Peter Paul Paragas, ’17- Personal Trainer, Transform 180 Training, Seattle
    • Jonathan Massamino,  ’17- Exercise Physiologist, PotentRx Health and Performance Center


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