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The Latin American Studies Program (Puebla, Mexico)

 The Latin American Study Program ( LASP) falls on the winter and spring quarters at Seattle University. Students are housed with Mexican families, bringing them especially close to the culture of the host country. The program requires at least one year of college-level Spanish prior to participation.

Classes will be held at the Universidad Iberoamericana, Puebla, a prestigious Jesuit university of about 5,000 students in Southwestern Puebla. Students will attend classes three hours daily, (Monday through Friday). All classes will be conducted in Spanish. Apart from classes, an educational excursion to Mexico City and Oaxaca are scheduled during winter quarter. A required major two-week field trip as part of the course entitled SP 393-Latin American History, Politics and Societies is scheduled at the end of Spring quarter.

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The Latin American Studies Program (LASP) in Puebla, Mexico, will follow the regular Seattle University Winter and Spring Quarter schedules, with classes beginning in early January and ending in March for Winter Quarter and beginning end of March and ending in early June for Spring Quarter. Students are advised to arrive in Puebla at least two days before classes start. Students can earn credits towards Seattle’s University Major or Minor in Spanish, Minor in Latin American Studies or Major in International Studies while studying in Puebla, Mexico.

Spanish Study Abroad Testimonial: 

"Going to Puebla was one of the best decisions I have ever made. The people were so nice and helpful, I learned so much because of their help. Changing the way I thought by learning a different language really opened up my mind and made me realize just how big the world is. I would encourage everyone to study abroad as soon as possible for as long as possible because it's definitely worth it"
~ Andy Hatfield


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