Why Major in Sociology?

The discipline of sociology trains students in sociological imagination, the ability to understand one's self and others in the context of social conditions. A sociological perspective identifies social forces, including culture, economics, history, law, politics, and religion, and understands how these forces shape the lives of individuals and groups. Sociology majors learn that humans are both “islands unto themselves” and beings who are shaped through participation in social groups.

Students benefit from the study of sociology in these ways:

  • Awareness of how one’s actions can perpetuate or change current social conditions
  • Understanding of the issues surrounding social justice
  • Opportunities for empirical research
  • Ability to engage in reflective acts of citizenship

Career Opportunities

Because, sociology students develop the ability to identify and understand large-scale operations and organizations, they become valuable employees. The undergraduate sociology degree is an excellent foundation for both entry level and advanced study in business, law, human services, government, journalism, medicine, and social work.



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