Mission and Goals


Seattle University Social Work Program mission is to prepare undergraduate students to become competent and effective entry-level, generalist social work professionals who value and respect diversity, anchor economic and social justice and human rights as central to their practice, and seek to use their knowledge based on scientific inquiry and skills to improve and community human well-being. Adopted September 2014.


The SU BSW program adopted as its program values eight core values of the social work profession delineated in the CSWE Educational Policy 1.0: service; social justice; the dignity and worth of the person; the importance of human relationships; integrity; competence; human rights; scientific inquiry. 


1. For competent and effective entry-level generalist social work practice with varying client systems (i.e., individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities).

2. To practice competently with diverse populations.

3. To effectively promote and advocate for economic and social justice and human rights.

4. To apply the values, ethics, and standards of the social work profession into generalist practice.

5. For service and leadership to improve human and community well-being in evolving contexts.

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