Taylor Shoecraft, MSW

Taylor Shoecraft

Bachelor of Social Work '10

My decision to pursue Social Work came while sitting in my academic advisor’s office. I had come to Seattle University with the intent of pursuing a degree in Sociology. After explaining to the advisor my passion for helping to affect change, especially in the lives of people from marginalized populations, he encouraged me to switch my degree from sociology, a field that studies people, to social work, a field that works with people. I agreed and immediately switched to the Social Work program.

While in the BSW program my mind was opened to concepts such as oppression, power, and privilege. I learned about the importance of human relationships and how people are constantly interacting with their social environment. Through practicum, I was exposed to real social work clients dealing with an array of issues including substance abuse, mental health, and domestic violence. It was also through practicum that I was given the opportunity to witness how social workers can be agents of change assisting people with dealing with their issues and advocating for change within systems and society which too often, through policies and structure perpetuate injustice. While in the BSW program, I completed my practicum with Children’s Administration’s (CA) Child Protective Services program. Upon graduating, I attended the University of Washington’s School of Social Work and participated in the Child Welfare and Training Program (CWTAP).

Upon earning my Master’s I subsequently became employed as a Child Protective Service Social Worker at the same CPS office where I had my BSW practicum.  During my time at Children’s Administration I worked in various programs and I promoted to supervisor in 2015. Throughout my 10 years serving at Children's Administration, I passionately advocated for efforts to eliminate racial disproportionality, and improve family engagement within the child welfare system.

I currently work for University of Washington’s Child Welfare Training Alliance providing training and support to the child welfare workforce.  I continue to have a passion for improving the Child Welfare System, a passion I found through Seattle University’s BSW Program.

My life has come full circle since leaving Seattle University. In addition to my work in child welfare, I now work for Seattle University’s School of Social Work as an adjunct professor teaching Introduction to Social Work. The class which started me on my social work journey. The education I received through Seattle University’s BSW program was invaluable, as it prepared me to see people through a lens of strength and possibility,  and also revealed the systemic and societal areas of injustice that must be confronted, in order to make a just and humane world possible.