Erika Washington, BSW

Bachelor of Social Work '10

Comments from a letter to Professors Brennan and Zeff 

I have thought of the both of you often in my work as a clinical social worker in the Air Force. I hear your voices in my head whenever I am making a touch decision with a pt or having a difficult time figuring out the RIGHT thing to do.

I appreciate so much the education that I received from SU. I can see it being used in every session I have.

I am just about to be promoted to Captain, and I work in the Mental Health Clinic at the Special Forces Base here in Destin, FL.   

The work is hard. Saying that is an understatement. It is very difficult. I am struggling to keep people alive.

 I just wanted to say hello to the both of you and let you know how much I appreciate the education, the guidance, the mentoring and most of all the care I received from you both.

Thank you so much for helping to develop me and shape me to be a competent and ethical Clinical Social Worker!