Admissions FAQ

What is the application procedure for the BSW degree?

For all degree candidate applicants an application packet must be submitted no later than January 15 in a student’s junior year. Applications are available from the Social Work Program and are confidential. All records and documents become the property of the Social Work Program at Seattle University.

This application packet includes:

  1. a Social Work Program Application form
  2. A personal statement
  3. A current copy of the student’s program evaluation and all transcripts from all colleges and universities attended (unofficial copies of transcripts are acceptable)
  4. Application Forms that include:
  5. Washington State Patrol Criminal History Record request
  6. Washington State Patrol Child/ Adult Abuse Information Act record request
  7. Applicant disclosure
  8. Applicant Notification of Criminal History Check
  9. Consent to abide by NASW Code of Ethics
  10. Three (3) letters of recommendation; one from a social work faculty member
  11. A check for $10.00, payable to Seattle University, for the Washington State Patrol records check

What are the admissions criteria?

In addition to the pre-requisite courses and a cumulative GPA a 2.5 and at least a grade of 2.0 in all required social work courses, Seattle University, the Social Work program consider professional characteristics, conduct and the potential to serve effectively and ethically in the profession. Among these characteristics are: Maturity of judgment, Openness to new ideas, Capacity for development of self-awareness and readiness to change, Acceptance of differences in other people, Commitment to social and institutional change, and Possession of values consistent with those traditionally associated with social work..

Will doing community service work, or paid work, in social service, community or civic organizations enhance chances of being admitted?

The Program takes into account the paid and volunteer work done by a student with social service organizations as it provides evidence of the student’s motivation and interest in the field.

How is notification of acceptance done?

The student will be notified via US mail whether they are fully or provisionally admitted, or denied acceptance as a candidate for the BSW degree program.

What if acceptance is provisional or admittance is denied?

If accepted provisionally your letter will detail the conditions for admission. If a student is denied admission to Social Work, the student may apply any previously earned social work credits towards a baccalaureate degree in sociology.

Can a transfer student apply to the social work program as a BSW candidate?

We appreciate the diversity of experiences and depth that transfer students bring to our program. The procedure for application to the program is outlined above and listed in the .

As a transfer student what are the degree requirements and the policy of transferring my credits?

As a transfer student you must first apply and be accepted by Seattle University. Please consult with the Seattle University Registrar to determine requirements already fulfilled by previous courses.

As a transfer student will there be a social work advisor to help me?

Absolutely. Seattle University and the College of Arts & Sciences will assign all students to an advisor within the social work program.

When can a declaration of the social work major be made?

All students can declare a social work major at any point from admission through the fall of their junior year. This is encouraged as advising will be within the social work program. However, declaring the major prior to the fall of the junior year does not lead to automatic acceptance into the BSW degree candidacy. Each student must apply to the social work program by January 15th of their junior year for formal acceptance as a candidate for the BSW.

What criteria will I need to be admitted to the BSW degree major?

To be eligible for admission as a BSW degree candidate a student must have been admitted to Seattle University and declare Social Work as their major. S/he must have 90 or more credits with an overall GPA minimum of 2.5 at the time of application and a minimum GPA of 2.5 in social science and social work courses. Please refer to the  or Degree Requirements.

Is it possible to graduate with a BSW without acceptance as a BSW degree candidate in the Social Work Program?


What is the typical class size?

The average social work program class size is 23.

Are there student social work organizations to participate in?

There are many opportunities for our students to participate in student organizations. See the link for student activities or

Can completion of the BSW program be within two (2) years?

Absolutely, the course is set up that all required social work classes, including electives can be taken within the student’s junior and senior years. Of course, to be able to graduate within a set amount of time also depends on the amount of time a student needs to complete the general university’s graduation requirements.

What are the requirements to graduate with a BSW?

There are required social work courses, including the 3 quarter field practicum, 1-credit seminar and 5-credits of a Social Work elective that must be completed prior to receiving a BSW. Please refer to the for further course descriptions, calendars and information.

Is there a minimum g.p.a. needed to graduate?

Seattle University requires a 2.0 g.p.a. to graduate. The BSW program also requires a minimum of 2.0 in each social work class.

Can I graduate with honors in social work?

Yes. To be accepted into the honors, a student must have both a cumulative and major/program gpa of 3.5 and must have completed SOCW 300, 304 and 310. Application is made in the spring quarter of the junior year of fall quarter of the senior year. We have a campus chapter of the social work honors society, Phi Alpha.

What are the Social Work electives and special topics offered:

We offer a variety of the electives and special topics that include:

Work with Children and Youth
Domestic Violence
Mental Illness
Juvenile Justice
Politics of Homelessness
International Social Work
Geriatric Social Work
Service immersion courses in Belize and in New Orleans

Is there more information about Field Practicum?

Yes: On the Field Education page, there is information and FAQs.


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