Faculty and Staff

Photo of Joni Balter

Joni Balter

Institute of Public Service Professional in Residence

Phone: 206.296.5440

Building/Room: Casey 210

Photo of Rashmi Chordiya, PhD

Rashmi Chordiya, PhD

PhD, Public Affairs

Assistant Professor

Building/Room: Casey 210-14

Photo of Elizabeth Dale, PhD

Elizabeth Dale, PhD

PhD, Philanthropic Studies

Assistant Professor, Nonprofit Leadership

Phone: 206.296.5484

Building/Room: JEFF 401R

Photo of Noreen Elbert, EdD

Noreen Elbert, EdD

EdD, Educational Leadership

Instructor, Nonprofit Leadership

Phone: 206.296.6288

Building/Room: JEFF 401W

Photo of Kimberly Gawlik, JD

Kimberly Gawlik, JD

BS, Biology JD

Senior Administrative Assistant:
Institute of Public Service, Environmental Studies

Phone: 206.296.5440

Building/Room: Casey 210

Photo of Tanya Hayes, PhD

Tanya Hayes, PhD

PhD, Political Science and Public Affairs

Program Director, Environmental Studies
Associate Appointment, Institute of Public Service, Public Affairs

Phone: 206.296.5485

Building/Room: Casey 210-05

Photo of Diana Kimani, PhD

Diana Kimani, PhD

PhD, Economics

Adjunct Faculty

Phone: 2026-296-5440

Building/Room: Casey 210

Photo of Olha Krupa, PhD

Olha Krupa, PhD

PhD, Public finance and policy analysis

Associate Professor, Institute of Public Service

Phone: 206.296.2509

Building/Room: Casey 210-07

Photo of Felipe Murtinho, PhD

Felipe Murtinho, PhD

PhD, Geography

Associate Professor, International Studies
Associate Appointment, Institute of Public Service

Phone: 206.296.2088

Building/Room: Casey 310-18

Photo of Kevin Ward, PhD

Kevin Ward, PhD

PhD, Public Affairs

Director, B.A. in Public Affairs
Associate Professor

Phone: 206.296.5438

Building/Room: Casey 210-18

Photo of Marie Rose Wong, PhD

Marie Rose Wong, PhD

PhD, Urban Design and Planning

Professor Emerita
Institute of Public Service, Asian Studies, and Public Affairs

Phone: 206.296.5430

Building/Room: Casey 210-16

Photo of Sam Howe Verhovek, BA

Sam Howe Verhovek, BA

BA, American Studies

Adjunct Faculty

Phone: 206-296-5440

Building/Room: Casey 210