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  • Victim Support Team Volunteer and Internship: Seattle Police Department’s Victim Support Team (VST) is now recruiting new volunteers! The upcoming 50 hour training academy will be held in downtown Seattle this May. This free training covers a wide range of topics, that prepare folks to offer support and resources to domestic violence survivors and their families during the weekend hours city wide. Applicants are invited to also apply for internship opportunities and class credit for their volunteer hours. This is a great opportunity for those focused on CJS, Sociology, Gender & Women’s Study, Psychology, Social Work, and more. (Must be 21+)
  • Center for Online Education: Their mission is to provide students, educators, and professionals with informative and accurate information to help guide them in their educational and career decisions. This resource can provide answers to some of the most common questions students have such as: What level of degree do I need to be successful? What jobs are available with a psychology degree? What courses will I be taking as a psychology major?
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