Rose Ernst, PhD

PhD, Political Science

Department Chair and Associate Professor, Political Science
Associate Appointment, Global African Studies, Women and Gender Studies

Phone: 206.398.4414

Building/Room: Casey 410-12

Teaching and Research Interests

U.S. Politics; Social Movements & Social Change; Policy Processes; Critical Race Theory; Intersectionality; Welfare Rights; Welfare State Development; Interest Groups & Agenda Setting; Gender & Public Policy; Law & Society.


Rose Ernst CV

Dr. Rose Ernst received her Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Washington in 2007. She teaches courses U.S. politics, Race, Gender, Class and Sexuality, Policy Processes and Social Movements. She is author of The Price of Progressive Politics: The Welfare Rights Movement in an Era of Colorblind Racism  (NYU Press, 2010). Dr. Ernst also serves as an adviser to the Political Science Club.