Faculty and Staff

Photo of Connie G. Anthony, PhD

Connie G. Anthony, PhD

PhD, Political Science

Associate Professor, Political Science

Phone: 206.296.5454

Building/Room: Casey 410-02

Photo of Onur Bakiner, PhD

Onur Bakiner, PhD

PhD, Political Science

Associate Professor

Phone: 206.296.5447

Building/Room: Casey 410-14

Photo of Angelique M. Davis, JD

Angelique M. Davis, JD

JD, University of Washington

Professor, Political Science
Associate Appointment, African and African American Studies, Pre-Law Program, Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies

Photo of Yitan Li, PhD

Yitan Li, PhD

PhD, Politics and International Relations

Department Chair and Associate Professor, Political Science
Director, Asian Studies Program

Phone: 206.296.2056

Building/Room: Casey 410-16

Photo of Erik Olsen, PhD

Erik Olsen, PhD

PhD, Political Science

Associate Professor, Political Science

Phone: 206.296.5453

Building/Room: Casey 410-06

Photo of Melissa Poquiz

Melissa Poquiz

BA, Communication

Administrative Assistant, History and Political Science

Phone: 206-296-5450

Building/Room: Casey 410

Photo of Patrick L. Schoettmer, PhD

Patrick L. Schoettmer, PhD

PhD, American Politics


Phone: 206-296-5450

Building/Room: Casey 410-12

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Yitan Li, PhD

Patrick Schoettmer, PhD
Internship Coordinator 

Melissa Poquiz
Administrative Assistant