Nadya C. Zimmerman, PhD

Photo of Nadya Zimmerman, PhD

PhD in American Cultural History, University of California, Los Angeles


Building/Room: Casey 130-06


Nadya Zimmerman is a published scholar of radical American cultural history, a classical musician, a prison educator, and a Humanities professor in Matteo Ricci Institute at Seattle University. She received her PhD in American Cultural History/Musicology from UCLA and published a book, Counterculture Kaleidoscope, on psychedelic music, socio-political cultures, and ideologies of revolution in late Sixties San Francisco, with the University of Michigan Press in 2009.

Nadya was awarded a Fulbright Scholar Fellowship in Cyprus for a year for which she was a Professor and Scholar in American Studies at two universities and the organizer and director of an island-wide classical chamber music program that she originated. She currently teaches courses at Seattle University in the fields of American Cultural, Countercultural, and Revolutionary History, Poverty and Inequality in the United States, and the critical theory of Postmodern Empire. She supports the nonprofit post-secondary education organizations for incarcerated students--University Beyond Bars (UBB) and Freedom Education Project Puget Sound (FEPPS)--by teaching courses in mathematics, critical theory, and American Studies and contributing to administrative efforts to expand education possibilities to incarcerated populations in Washington State. She is a primary organizer and advisory board member of Rubicon Foundation, a nonprofit organization devoted to transformative experiences in community.